100 Scripts – My Personal Challenge

They say you have to write 100 scripts in order to have one good script. Well, I’m taking the challenge. Now you can follow my progress and I list the progress of my 100 scripts.

If you happen to have a production company, these scripts are available. Contact me for more about interest.

  1. Sports Rituals (Web Video) – A young couple discovers the world of erotic sports rituals on a lazy Sunday. (Completed)
  2. Dinner Reservations 2.0 (Web Video – Loren Kling – Co-Writer) What happens when an aribtrary restaurant policy is about to ruin a romantic evening (Completed)
  3. The Underestimables (Television Pilot) – (In Progress)
  4. Barry and Benny (Comedy Sketch) – Based on current event, what happens if Barack Obama accidentally runs into Benjamin Netanyahu at a Washington DC farmers market (Completed)
  5. Clark Kent at Work (Comedy/Web Sketch) – What is Clark’s day at the Daily Globe like when his co-workers suspect he might be Superman. (Completed)
  6. The Samaritan (Short Film) – A modern telling of the Biblical story of the Good Samaritan. I promise this is the most controversial story I’ve told so far.  (In Progress)
  7. Audrey Runs for President (Web Video) – Inspired by Hillary Clinton, my daughter has decided to run for President of the United States. Don’t tell here she’s unable to run because she wasn’t born in the United States. I wrote her announcement. Click here to see “Audrey Runs for President” on YouTube. (Completed)
  8. The Martians (Comedy Sketch) – Two astronauts share an awkward moment when stranded on a science station on Mars. Submitted for NBC Scenes Competition (Completed)
  9. Democratic Primary Debate on HSN (Comedy Sketch). First draft and abandoned.
  10. Conversations with Mom – What About Tom? (Comedy Sketch) – Inspired by a good friend of mine, this is the story of a mother and her adult son having a frank discussion about mom’s new boyfriend. (Completed)
  11. Badd Lawyers – (Comedy Sketch – Real Rejects of Orange County) Sketch featuring a commercial for a television show about two bad lawyers. (Post Production)
  12. Good Morning Aliso Viejo – (Comedy Sketch – Real Rejects of Orange County) Morning talk show featuring two self-absorbed hosts. (Post Production)
  13. Fountain Valley Medium (Post Production)
  14. Microwave Conspiracy (Comedy Sketch) – Real Rejects of Orange County
  15. Bad Accent Theater (Comedy Sketch) – Real Rejects of Orange County

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