Alan Ng

My Mission: I live to entertain the world with funny and insightful content.

One man, many paths. That’s the simplist way to describe my life.

Geographically, this Southern California native was born in Downtown Los Angeles, lived as a kid in South Central Los Angeles, raised in Palos Verdes, matured in Chinatown, pursued his college degree in East Los Angeles and lived as a fully developed man in Orange County.

Education. My dream since a child was to be creative. I performed classic SNL skits in elementary school. Recited from the script of Monty Python and the Holy Grail in High School. I also created a video about nuclear proliferation that included commercials from SCTV. Performed in front of church youth groups and congregations with witty and insightful sermons. I now use comedy to encourage the church to do the right thing.

Comedically. I studied improv comedy before it was a thing. My teachers included instructors from South Coast Repertory and honed at the National Comedy Theater. It was my tenure as a main stage player from 2001 to today that honed my quick witted improv skills.

Professionally. After pursuing my love of marketing and advertising in the financial field and then abruptly losing my job thanks to the real estate market crash. This aging hero-in-disguise is ready to conquer a world dominated by the young. I am now pursing a career telling stories for the internet, and soon television and movies. Watch out world, here I come…one shaky step at a time.

Today, I am the managing editor at Film Threat where you can read my reviews on a regular basis. I also have the privilege to have a Rotten Tomatoes page, just to look more professional than I really am.

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