Show Producer

Best 3 Questions Ever – Emerging Host Loren Kling and I developed a game show for the stage. The show’s concept is simple and funny. It asks the question, can 3 comedians figure out how an average person would answer the Best 3 Questions Ever. The show was brought to various L.A. and O.C. comedy clubs and improv theaters.

Podcast Producer

5 Things That Changed Your Life – Each episode our host, Loren Kling, sits down with a special guest and asks them to share 5 stories, events, or experiences that had an impact on their lives. I serve as the co-producer and co-writer on the show.

Radio Producer

I currently work for Anaheim radio station (KTST fm Anaheim) as a producer/announcer for Secret City Geek Lab. The Geek Lab is weekly one-hour show about popular culture.

My show features movie reviews, celebrity interviews and stories about geeky things going on in Southern California.

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