Sports Rituals – 100 Script Challenge

Without repeating myself, I’m working at becoming a writer. At my age, the road is not going to be easy, nor fast. I was told in order to write one good script, you have to write 100 bad ones.

The 100 Script Challenge is to write 100 bad scripts. I have ideas and now I just need to get it in script form. Here’s the first entry. I actually wrote this a year ago, but I’m calling attention to it now.

Sports Rituals is an exercise in comedic escalation. A young couple attends a football party and are caught up in the strange and somewhat erotic rituals involved in rooting for one’s favorite team. Things are great until the new couple costs the home team a victory.

My Interview Wong Fu Productions About Its First Feature Film – Everything Before Us

Internet pioneers, Wong Fu Productions, took a giant step forward with their first feature film, “Everything Before Us.” The Geek Lab spoke with filmmakers Wesley Chan and Philip Wang, writer Chris Dinh and producer Christine Chen. We spoke about the transition from web video to the big screen and their unique brand of storytelling.

My First Book


Book Cover
 I did it. I finally published my first book – Yes, And: The Most Overlooked Concept in Improv. It’s available exclusively on Amazon and for the Kindle.

I’ve been a professional improvisor since 1994 and I currently perform with the National Comedy Theater in San Diego. When I first started, improv was just starting to become a popular art form.

I love improv comedy and I believe that anyone can do it. It’s my passion to share what I’ve learned about this art form and elevate the artform.

The concept of “Yes, And” is the foundational principle in improv. The problem is it is one of the most overlooked concepts in improv shows today.

My book takes an in depth look into “Yes, And.” I deconstruct the principle. Show you how we’ve misused it and neglected it. I also show you how to master the principle to improv your improv group and show.

“Yes, And” is the first in a series of books designed to help you produce a short-form improvisation show. Purchase your copy now at Amazon for the low price of $2.99.